Canvas painting (16”x 20” stretched canvas) $35.00

All materials for your painting are included.

Wood painting $25.00

All materials for your wood painting are included.

*Please note this does not include our rustic barn wood.

Personalized Plant Terrarium $40.00

All materials for your terrarium are included. This includes your choice of glass container, two plants, charcoal, soil, decorative rocks and sand. Additional plant(s) can be purchased for your terrarium for $5 each. We’ll walk you through the process of creating your own live plant terrarium.

Paint pouring on canvas (16”x 20”) $45

Paint pouring on canvas (18”x 24”) $70

Paint pouring on canvas (24”x 36”) $100

All materials for your paint pouring are included. You will need to leave your masterpiece with us for 5 business days to allow your painting to dry. We will also varnish the painting for protection. After this time, you can pick up your painting any time during our business hours.

Pricing for larger canvas sizes available upon request.

*We reserve the right to change our pricing at any time. In case of discrepancy, our website pricing will be the most up to date and accurate pricing.

*Prices do not include GST.